Inverno Framework Software Development Kit 1.8.0

This document is the API specification for the Inverno Framework modules.

The Inverno Framework core module, providing base elements required by Module classes generated by the Inverno Framework compiler.
The Inverno Framework annotation module, providing annotations to be used to create modular applications based on Inversion of Control principle and Dependency Injection.
Defines the foundational APIs of the Inverno framework modules.
The Inverno framework boot module provides basic services.
The Inverno framework configuration module provides advanced application configuration capabilities.
The Inverno framework HTTP base module defines the base APIs and services for HTTP client and server implementations.
The Inverno framework HTTP client module provides a HTTP1.x and HTTP/2 client.
The Inverno framework HTTP server module provides a HTTP1.x and HTTP/2 server.
The Inverno framework Reactive Templating module provides the base API used by Inverno Reactive Template classes to render a data model into a serialized representation (eg.
The Inverno framework LDAP module provides a reactive API to query an LDAP server.
The Inverno framework Redis module provides a reactive API to query Redis datastore.
The Inverno Redis Client module which provides a Redis client based on Lettuce.
The Inverno framework security module provides general support to secure access to protected service or resources in an application.
The Inverno framework HTTP security module provides support for securing access to HTTP endpoints.
The Inverno framework JOSE security module provides support for JSON Object Signing and Encryption.
The Inverno framework LDAP security module provides support for authentication and identity on an LDAP server or an Active Directory server.
The Inverno framework SQL module defines the reactive SQL client API used to query RDBMS using SQL.
The Inverno Vert.x SQL Client module which provides a SQL client based on Vert.x.
The Inverno framework Web server module provides a Web enabled HTTP1.x and HTTP/2 server
The Inverno Build Tools module provides tools for running, packaging and distributing modular Java applications.